The Law Firm

Law Firm Dr. Zsuzsa Oroszlán is the first Hungarian law firm operating in its base country as well as on the international scene, specialised primarily but not exclusively in public and private insurance law and in insurance-related damage assessments and claim-settlements. The law firm’s special connaissances unequivocally take their origins from the financial and real-estate development sectors.

With the assistance of its co-operating partner law firms, its operational area covers the whole region of Central and South-Eastern Europe; it may also count among its clients directly or indirectly more than one renowned principals from German-speaking and Anglo-Saxon countries.

Thanks to its specialized experience and range of knowledge, from time to time Law Firm Dr. Zsuzsa Oroszlán is able to co-operate with Hungarian and foreign law firms on a project-to project-basis, who, being themselves specialised in different domains, may possibly be in absence of this special expertise.


Hungarian (mother tongue)